English poem–Hiking with my unseen companion

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My unseen companion is an agile and expert hiker. He knows the tricks that come handy while someone moves along such a terrain.

He focuses on imparting the skills on the individual though he readily agrees to carry the burden if someone extends sincere prayers.

I also love to do hiking and this world, seemingly, has become one of my favorite spots. I come to this place again and again. I have tried several births but have not been able to scale the peak. The prize of the success is freedom.

In this birth, my companion decided to shed the tag of ‘unseen’ and gave me the coveted glimpse, yet he maintains that I should try it myself.

Travel often brings refreshment but this journey is a tiring one. It’s riddled with obstacles, inabilities, and pitfalls. Often, the try ends fruitlessly. The journey sometimes becomes boring because of countless repetitions.

The onus is on me now. Having been bestowed the vision of my unseen companion, I must not let go of the chance. I must enjoy this task and scale the peak. I must overcome all my weakness and succeed in stopping me from making another try.

I must complete the aim of this life and free myself.



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