English poem–Goddess

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(Inspired by a song of Suellen Primost)


Overawed by the languid munificence of this worldly existence, my heart is desperately looking to cling to something full of delicacy.

It enters the unknown alleys where deep but moving sounds envelop it in a strange kind of evocative cluster. Even far away from home and seemingly in foreign lands, the music seems to announce the benediction of a familiar rendezvous.

There is a palpable joy that makes the locus an enchanting point of being. The directions seem to converge into something singularly unique. All vastness looks so diminished that the definition of distance stands useless.

There is a delicate presence that can’t be denied. It feels as if time has garbed itself in a different cloak. It is undetectable but definitely is.

This power is ensnaring. It asks for cutting all the ties of senses and seems to consume the wholeness. It seems to be the giver of birth and the one who awaits its flock back home. It’s the Goddess that exists and is known by the name of existence.



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