English poem–Go Away and Bless me!

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Go away from me, my Master. Go far-far away and let me be out of your sight. Let there be no visible proximity between us.

Whenever I am with you, I take you as granted. I feel like losing the sense of need that I have of you—you are my very breath. But when you are away, you are all mine and I am all yours.

Like an incomplete line that intends to join two points, I pine for your pencil-stroke.

Like a small dinghy that is tied to the jetty and wait to take someone to the other end, I pine for your arrival.

Like a loose string of the cello that is not able to vibrate though the bow is used, I pine for you to screw me tighter.

All this happens only if you are away and my being feels the singularity of yearning.

Grant me my wish, my Lord. Go away! Go away from me!



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