English poem–Free will Vs. Divine will

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How frustrating it feels when we realize that it’s all your play and we move according to your will!

This virtual clash of ‘Free will’ and making it synchronize with the ‘Divine will’ is seething and irrevocably strange. Uncertainty prevails at every level of understanding. One second it feels that you are the closest; the other second it feels you are the remotest.

Failures appear as lessons; success as a test.

There is this hidden acknowledgement that runs underneath everything that we do, but there is no visible clue whether you are pleased or things are going unconcernedly.

My Lord, our laurels, our victories and our achievements are all your moves–meticulously planned and executed by you.

And yet, our defeats and moments of being mocked at are also planned by you.

It’s like creating the positive and negative terminals of a battery that you want to prepare to make the current of your divine love flow through it.



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