English poem–Dulcimer Suite

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(Inspired by a song of Diane Arkenstone)


A soft and touching ethereal voice calls from a distant world. The address of this vibrating energy is unknown yet reaches the innermost core of my being.

It seems as if there is an infinite continuum extending up to a point where media and content can’t exist. It connects the two worlds for me in one single thread of musical stratum.

Like a free fish swishing around in the unknown waters, I travel from a point where every note of the dulcimer resonates with a native frequency. With every move I make, I feel a strange kind of energy going down my spine.

This continuum is open, vast, and wide. It is a huge expanse of abysmal coordinates but ensures that I connect to my source though the ties may look loose and unsure.

It lifts my soul towards what sounds like ‘home’.



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