Sanskrit baby girl names starting with a

Choosing a girl’s name could be a tricky exercise.

Being a father to a 3-year old girl, I know the exact feeling how it goes when a daughter is born and how the whole family frantically searches a unique and good name.

In India, families use a lot of names that come from mythology and have some meaning in Sanskrit because they feel the name should have a specific meaning to.

In this post, we are providing Sanskrit baby girl names starting with ‘a’, which would correspond to ‘अ’ and ‘आ’ in Sanskrit language.

If you would like to suggest any other name starting with the same letter, you can write to us through the comment section.

Sanskrit English
आनन्दा Ananda
अनन्ता Ananta
अलङ्कृता Alankrita
अखिलेश्वरी Akhileshvari
आशा Asha
अर्पिता Arpita
अन्नपूर्णा Annapurna
आनन्दी Anandi
अम्बा Amba
अम्बिका Ambika
अम्बालिका Ambalika
अमृता Amrita
अरुणा Aruna
आरुषि Arushi
अलका Alka
अखिला Akhila
अमिता Amita



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