Hindi poem for kids about a cuckoo

Hindi poem for kidsPoem in Hindi for kids–बाल कविता

Cuckoo is one of those birds that children are fascinated about since their childhood. It is one of those fabled birds that has many poems and stories spun around it. It’s connection to the mango fruit is epic!

Here is a nursery rhyme for kids on a cuckoo in Hindi.

प्यारी-प्यारी कोयल काली,

डोल रही है डाली डाली,

मीठे सुर में कूक-कूककर

आमों की करती रखवाली।

In English, the meaning of this kid’s poem would be:

A lovable black cuckoo is perching from branch to branch. It sings in a sweet note and takes care of the mangoes.



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