You are my life in Hindi

While learning how to say you are my life in Hindi, you need to take care that the second person you could be used in three different versions. It could be for an elder person, a contemporary or a younger one.

So, you will need to learn three different versions of this Hindi phrase.

How to say you are my life to an elder person

The beauty of this Hindi phrase is that it can be used for anybody irrespective or age, authority, gender or social stature. It is the most respectable way of saying in Hindi.

How to say you are my life to a contemporary or same-age person


This Hindi phrase can also be used for younger ones; however, for elder people in age or superior in authority and rank, you have to use the first case. Note that you can use the second Hindi word of this phrase as ‘मेरा’ but this version will do fine.

How to say you are my life to a young person


This Hindi phrase can be used to anybody who is close enough to be called by the informal second person ‘you’; usually used for younger people, son, daughter, or anybody who is young in authority or status.

These are all literal translations. Though there is nothing wrong but more intimate feeling can be generated by replacing जीवन with प्राण (Prāṇa). It means vital airs in English but it gives more intimate feeling to the person.



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