Anybody can play this music with enough passion–An interview with Josh Feinberg

I remember fancying myself playing musical instruments and making an impact on the audience by the sheer magical experience that music can create. Later, I found out that it needs a lifetime of dedication to reach at that level where you can weave the  magic so inherently present in the music.

I could never take music classes and never got the chance to regularly do practice, but what I found interesting is reading and knowing about musicians who have devoted their life to learning, practicing and bringing music to more people, so that they can also feel the beauty of it.

Josh Feinberg is one such young musician who has, though raised in the US, picked up an Indian musical instrument, and have given his passion to it. I have known Josh through Facebook, and missed the chance of listening to him live in Delhi when he had a concert with Alam Khan early this year. I have noticed that he likes to practice the nuances of Indian classical music–a habit that will take him higher and higher in his career, and also closer and closer to his goal.

As a gesture of my appreciation, I wanted to bring his journey to my audience and others who would like to know how a young musician feels about his music and life.

I hope you will love reading it…

Josh Feinberg

Q1. Tell us how music found you?

I started my music training at 4 with classical piano. I got interested in sitar at 15 through jazz bass, and I have loved it and devoted my life to it, ever since.

Q2. What’s the most essential thing a musician should do to become an expert in the art?

The most essential thing a musician needs to do is work hard, have an inquisitive and analytical mind, and love music.

Q3. Do you feel satisfied with what you have achieved in your career as a musician?

I am somewhat satisfied with what I have achieved so far, but I have so many more things I want to do both professionally and musically.

I want to take my music further, and I want to show the world that anybody can play this music with enough passion, discipline, love, and training.

Q4. What are the options available to a young musician to sustain his living?

It is very tough to make a living these days and music. The best thing a musician can do is teach, and keep an open mind. But the unfortunate fact is nowadays to be a professional musician is to take a vow of poverty.

Q5. How do you feel music can bring people of the world together?

Music has the ability to bring people together because it touches people’s hearts directly. That is a very powerful thing and it has the ability to create a common experience.

Q6. Apart from music, what else you like to do? 
Besides music I enjoy spending time with my wife and two children, I enjoy playing golf, and I enjoy working on my house and garden.

Q7. Share a message with our audience.
My message to your audience is that the best service they can do in the love of music is to support musicians and encourage young children to learn music. They are the future of the music and we need to train them to love and appreciate it.



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