How to say I miss you in Hindi to a boy

How to say I miss you in Hindi to a boy

Now, when you want to learn Hindi day-to-day phrases that you can use in conversation, you must note that there are many words that are originally not from Hindi but come from various other languages. So, in this phrase too ‘I miss you’, we will be using a word that is not originally from Hindi.

This particular version is a girl or a female saying to a boy or a male.

How to say I miss you in Hindi to a boy


Here, the word ‘Yaad’ which is represented in Hindi as ‘याद’ is not originally from Hindi. However, in conversational Hindi, only this word is used.

More so, the phrase ‘I miss you’ does not have a direct translation in Hindi and has only a contextual meaning. So, I have given two versions of it and both convey the same feelings.

Please note that this particular version is a female.

If the same phrase has to be used for somebody elder in age, authority or stature, then there will be a change in the words too. You can’t use the same sentence for somebody like that because then it will show disrespect in the Hindi language though your intentions might not be the same.



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