Names of vegetables in hindi

Names of vegetables in Hindi from English with phonetic representation

I have seen a lot of friends of mine who come from different countries but hardly know the Hindi names of vegetables, food items while they sit in some restaurant or eatery. They find it difficult to even sometimes order because the menu cards of the joints are usually Hindi names written in English.

I have tried to compile some of the commonly used vegetables and also provided their phonetic representation so that foreigners can understand these Hindi vegetables in a clearer way.

I hope this helps them in ordering correct food items.

If you feel there are other items that you would like to know about, you can write that in the comment section and I will try to find out the names in English and also give you the pronunciation help.


English names of vegetables Hindi names of vegetables Phonetic Representation
Brinjal बैंगन Baiṅgana
Peas मटर Maṭara
Turnip शलगम Śalagama
Tomato टमाटर Ṭamāṭara
Spinach पालक Pālaka
Radish मूली Mūli
Potato आलू Ālū
Cabbage गोबी Gobī
Carrot गाजर Gājara
Onion प्याज Pyaja
Chilli मिर्च Mirca
Lemon नींबू Nīnbū
Ladyfinger भिण्डी Bhiṇḍī
Ginger अदरक Adaraka



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