Visiting Agrasen ki Baoli in Connaught Place, Delhi

Ugrasen ki Baoli

Baoli or Bowli or sometimes referred as Bavri is a open step-well built during ancient and medieval  times to serve the purpose of water for the populace living around it.

This particular baoli, popularly and perhaps wrongly known as Ugrasen ki Baoli is located in the heart of Delhi adjacent to some of the tallest buildings that you will find in Connaught Place.

A lot of people rue that even after searching for long, they could not reach or locate it. So, I will try to give a fair amount of idea as how to reach it without getting lost.

I am not sure if the name given to this baoli is correct or not. As the belief goes, this was restored by the Agrawal community. So, it should be Agrasen’s baoli and not Ugrasen’s baoli. Ugrasen was elder maternal grandfather (his grandfather Devaka’s elder brother) of Lord Krishna. King Agrasen was different from Ugrasen.

How to reach

Try to use Google Maps. They have the perfect location and you will not miss it.

It’s a 3-storeyed step well and because there is no water, visitors can go at the very bottom of it. There is a cylindrical well at the end of the steps.

Overall, its size looks far bigger than other baolis that you might have visited. Lot of people wish to visit it but due to improper and no signage of its directions, lots of people can’t visit it.

Moreover, there is hardly anything to eat and drink because there are no shops close-by. It is situated in almost in a residential area.

The government authorities may think of giving a contract or something to a canteen or tuck shop which can serve water and other snacks to the visitors. Of course, there are many who come there and want to spend some time sitting on the numerous stairs of this well.

I am giving some pictures to let you know more about it:

Agrasen Ki Baoli


Agrasen Ki Baoli


Agrasen Ki Baoli


Agrasen Ki Baoli


Agrasen Ki Baoli


Agrasen Ki Baoli


Agrasen Ki Baoli



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