Hindi alphabet sounds: Audio guide part 1

So, I am starting with this series where I would be providing audio guide to learn Hindi alphabet by providing some examples from English language.

The main idea of this audio guide is to help foreigners learn some finer nuances of Hindi letters so that they can pronounce them in a better way.

Before you start learning Hindi alphabet, you should know that there are lots of sounds in Hindi language–and for that matter all the languages that originate in India–that does not have any counterpart in the English language. So, it would be bit difficult to pick the sounds in the beginning, but with practice, it will be smooth as butter.

Let’s start with the first part of Hindi alphabet.

There are 5 letters in this guide.

Hindi Consonant English Counterpart Description Hindi Word English Spelling Meaning of Hindi Word
K The sound of Hindi क is similar to English K or Q. कमल Kamala Lotus
Kh There is no counter letter of Hindi ख in English. खाना Khaanaa Food
G Hindi ग sounds similar to English G in a manner that is sounds like G of gas and not like G of geometry. गमला Gamalaa Vase
Gh There is no counter letter of Hindi घ in English. घर Ghara House
Nasal sound This sound is used only in its half form. It never starts a word but it used only to represent the nasal sound coming before any of the consonants of this group. For conventional purposes, it is replaced by the anuswara (a dot). रङ्ग (Also written as रंग) Ranga Color



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