Do not remove the screen cover of your Moto G phone

It will act as a good screen guard

SONY DSCI recently bought Moto G phone launched by Motorola, a Google company. In India, it is available with Flipkart only. I have written earlier how they committed an awful mistake in writing Hindi text.

But this is after I have used it for good 4-5 days.

There is a screen cover which carries the logo of Motorola in white color and also the text “Motorola–A Google company”.

It obviously blocks the view of your screen and you are prompted to remove it. Almost all my friends asked me to remove it when they saw it. I somehow resisted the temptation and thought that I will let it wear down on its own.

After 4 days of use, I noticed that the text has started getting off from the screen cover and the area is being cleared. By 5th day, almost everything was gone. Now, the same screen cover is acting like an original screen guard, which I dont’ have to remove.

I feel so proud that I listened to my own heart and has something useful, which earlier looked like an obstruction.

This is one quality that I have noticed in almost all the entrepreneurs. They don’t care too much about what others say when they have an idea. They are passionate about it and want to try how far they can go with it. More often than not, they succeed!



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