Who Is This Young Entrepreneur: 2

123In first chapter, we met a paper boy who made money by intelligent segmentation. In this chapter, we would meet another paper boy from another corner of the world, who fixed a danger to his business, with a very smart trick.

He lived in a small town which had a tiny railway station. Everyday, newspapers will be delivered there which this young student will take it and distribute it to different houses, before he goes to school.

One fine day, government decided to delete that little station from their map. Means, no trains will stop there.

This was a shock to many, especially the local newspaper agent. He was not sure how he would continue selling newspapers, because, without trains, they can’t get newspapers to distribute.

That’s when he found a neat trick. Trains won’t stop there, but they will go through that station as usual. What if we get those newspapers without train stopping?

Means, we will ask the newspaper staff to throw the newspaper bundles from the running train. This young man would catch that flying delivery and the business will continue as usual.

This plan sounds good on paper. But, will it work in reality!

‘I will take care of it’ told the paper boy. He needed that extra income to support his family. So, he was ready to take any steps to make it happen.

But, how would he do it?

‘I will wait near the train station everyday’ he assured them, ‘I will get the newspapers directly from the running train, I will distribute them to all our regular readers promptly. Don’t worry about this.’

That’s exactly what he did everyday. He reached the station well in advance, waited patiently till the train arrives. When it approached the station, he ran to a familiar place from where the newspaper distributor staff on the train can see him.

Immediately, they would throw a newspaper bundle which this boy would catch carefully. He will then proceed with his regular newspaper distribution tasks.

This happened everyday so well, customers didn’t even know the difficulty they would’ve faced because their railway station was deleted. This is because they got their newspaper regularly, even without their train not stopping in their station, thanks to this wonderful young man.

This boy went on to become a popular scientist and successful project leader. He later became his country’s president. Can you guess his name?

Answer: APJ Abdul Kalam



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