Curious question of Who?

whoRecently I read a news item about a famous music director starting his own production house. He is planning to produce many movies under this new banner.

But surprisingly, he booked another music director to compose music for his own film. This sounded odd to me.

When I mentioned this to a friend of mine, he asked casually, ‘what is wrong on this?’

‘He is a music director too; don’t you think he should be composing for his own movie?’

‘Not really’ he said, ‘I am a software developer working in a company; I started a company and became an entrepreneur; now I have hired someone to write programs for my own company even though I can do them myself. Isn’t it logical?’

‘It is different when you are a salaried employee. You can’t work for two different companies at the same time’, I told, ‘but in this case the music director can work on two movies or more at the same time.’

‘He can, but he needn’t!’

‘Why so?’

‘I am sure he will have his own reasons, we can only guess!’

So, we guessed. We started writing possible reasons behind this composer not composing music for a movie he produces:

  • may be, the director wants a specific music director, due to nature of the movie
  • may be it is cheaper to let someone else compose music; budget of the movie may be a restriction (it may sound like the producer composing music to his own movie will cost $0. But the reality is different, by composing to this movie, he may be losing another (revenue generating) movie opportunity, which has an associated cost!)
  • may be he wants to give chance to new talents; of course he can add value as an expert guide, but not as a hands on worker

As we listed more and more ‘may be’ items, I realized this is a classic dilemma that any working professional with entrepreneur dreams must be facing: is it okay for me to just invest money in this new company, and let someone else take up the actual duties (at least until the company gets to a good shape)? or I need to do everything (effectively doing double job)?

In fact, in many cases entrepreneurs just can’t let go and let someone else do a job which they can do better. They would prefer to take extra pressure and do everything in their own, than delegating it to another person and stay as a guide.

In the movie field itself, there are examples of directors producing movies directed by others, actors producing movies of other stars. Why not apply the same principle to any entrepreneurship?



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