Similarity in feminine names of English and Hindi languages

Similarity in English and Hindi languages

There is this striking similarity between Indian female names and the English female names or for that matter used in various foreign countries. The basic idea is that by adding the sound of “aa” at the end of the masculine name, a feminine name is generated. This practice is prevalent both in Hindi and English.

We will first take the example of English names:

Male Name Female Name
Edwin Edwina
George Georgiana
Morgan Morgana

Now, we take the example of Hindi names following the same pattern:

Male Name Hindi Translation Female Name Hindi Translation
Shiv शिव Shiva शिवा
Ram राम Rama रामा
Krishn कृष्ण Krishna कृष्णा

You can see by changing the last sound, the masculine name has been changed to a feminine one. I am sure this practice could be prevalent in other languages also. If you have knowledge of some of them, do share with us.



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