You know what is Jugaad? –You are an entrepreneur!

JugaadThis article is prompted by a recent talk given by Sh. R. K. Bagchi (Director of National Institute of Secondary Steel Technology, Mandi Gobindgarh) at the international conference on advancements in engineering and technology held in Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engg. & Tech., Sangrur, Punjab.

Sh. Bagchi is an eloquent speaker and his words are charged with inspiration and laced with experience. The keyword of his talk was ‘Jugaad‘. I had heard this word many times before but it had never stood out like this. I gave it a thought and decided to write something about it.

What is Jugaad?

As a mechanical engineer studying in India, I came to know this word quite early before the worm of entrepreneurship ever bit me. For us, Jugaad technically meant anything between jigs and fixtures. While observing local mechanics, carpenters, and various smiths, I had observed them making Jugaad in this context.

As I grew up, a generalized version of this word Jugaad was formed meaning ‘doing something quickly to get to the solution’. This was more sort of brainstorming rather than going technically or following the already set paths of solving a problem. Of course, this word was spreading among students all over India as people were beginning to endorse the idea of discussion and brainstorming more and more. In fact, brainstorming was endorsed by the world-famous philosopher, Socrates who used to encourage his students on brainstorming because he believed that new ideas will emerge from a healthy discussion.

Later on, as entrepreneurship become more prominent in my life, Jugaad became a creative idea that can depend on innovation, cost-cutting, energy sustenance, etc. The word got new definition and propulsion among the premier institutes of India where prospective professionals started trying their idiocyncracies to bring out solutions.

In its present form, Jugaad means anything that is useful and provides a solution.

You can Jugaad?–You are an entrepreneurs!

Like Google became a verb due to extensive usage, Jugaad should also be included in English as a verb meaning ‘to create ideas or solutions’. For entrepreneurs, it is the easiest way to start something on their own. I have seen a lot of professionals knowing a lot of bottlenecks and pain-points as they work in big multinationals. They also know the way-out or can provide the solution but they can’t change the system. Jugaad can give them the magic wand through which they can create the solution by not becoming part of that system.

I am sure, the spirit of Jugaad will continue to grow along side the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Happy Jugaad-ing to you!



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