Vineet Garg pays tribute to Suresh Suraiya

Suresh Saraiya

Nation in tears as the Cricket world bids adieu to veteran commentator Suresh Suraiya

The Cricket world has lost a valuable asset when it comes to commentary. Yes, we are talking about the one and only Suresh Suraiya who embodied the true spirit of a commentator on the Cricket field, bringing so much passion, zeal and love for the game that everybody who came in contact with him felt the warmth of his personality.

Be it a player, a fellow commentator, umpire or even administrators, almost everybody liked the man who was the great-grandfather of Indian commentary on radio in English.

One of the finest man to be around, he helped anybody and everybody who came in contact with him even if it means helping the person to steps on the stairs of the commentary-box.

With his passing, the Cricket world has lost a gem and one of the most knowledgeable person who valued the game more than any personal comfort that he could have so easily availed.

We present a telephonic conversation with his fellow commentator Vineet Garg who throws light on various aspects of Suresh Suraiya’s personality.



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