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Choosing a name could be a tricky one. If you remember the story of Steve Jobs naming “Apple” as “Apple”, then you might be able to gauge how tricky this could be. Yes, it is.

However, I have a new finding as per the comments one of my blogs and some research on Google Keyword Tool shows. It is about choosing names for your startups/businesses/companies in Sanskrit.

A lot of people want to choose the names of their startups, businesses, NGOs in Sanskrit.

As not everybody know Sanskrit, they are not able to get good suggestions. They take to the online world to get some help.

As per Google’s keyword research, let’s have a glimpse of keyword search volume regarding Sanskrit names for companies:

Sanskrit names for business 320
Sanskrit names for companies 390
Sanskrit company names 210
Sanskrit business names 170
Total 1090

Just guess from this volume. More than 1 thousand searches are done per month to choose a Sanskrit name for businesses. This post gets a lot of comments, which means readers are actively looking for Sanskrit names for their startups, businesses, and companies.

But why is it so? Is it because it creates a classic image or just differentiates by giving a very different name? I am just curious how sometimes being different can become so interesting!

If you are interested in Sanskrit and want to know names of vegetables, fruits, flowers, directions, ordinals, etc., you can click on these Sanskrit Names.



101 thoughts on “Sanskrit names for startups

  1. Looking for a consulting company name for western clients that supports Cost Competitiveness theme with an engineering / project management slant. Thanks

  2. I am trying to open a consulting startup as well as product related to analytics, growth, more of like software (technical ) company
    need one good name for it, we thinking something in Sanskrit will be good will really appreciate your Help!

  3. hi hello i am planning to open up a event management company
    please give me suggestion for my company

  4. Hello !! Please assist with a names for a shipping company but the company would also be dealing with export import trade.

    A name for international trade…and shipping.
    Thanks a lot !!

  5. Name of my company is heights constructions
    Now I want it to change it and name it in Sanskrit for same
    If possible pls give it in English script

  6. Pls suggest unique name for farm fresh vegetable shop – we are aiming to provide direct selling space of rural farmers in city , hence a name based on rural theme….

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