I am becoming an entrepreneur–setting goals

EntrepreneurThis is a phase of my personal life where I have decided that for me, ultimate peace lies in doing my own work and not switching jobs based on my personal likings, operational hiccups, family circumstances, and other things that constitute my life. After all the hurdles and limitations that I could think of, I am able to see it clearly what I can and should do. So, finally,

I am becoming an entrepreneur. (The goal is to take the dive in 6 months from the time when I am writing this)

In this article, I am going to write casually what I am doing in order to set goals for the shot that I will take.

1. Family settlements

Being married now, I simply can’t take risky calls without considering the effect on others. I had to convince my wife, my family and my wife’s family that I can succeed in my endeavor. They come from different backgrounds and therefore had their own apprehensions. However, now, they feel that if I think I should go for it, I actually should go.

2. Deadline settlement

Because I am working with one of the biggest media company and enjoying relatively good salary, I am very concerned about when I should take the call. I have set it to be within 6 months. Till then, I can develop the business that I want to rely upon, learn some tricks from my colleagues and at the same time, will be saving some money from my salary.

In addition, my family members and my wife would feel more comfortable and secure with my planning.

3. Mind Settlement

I have donned both the gloves–I worked as a freelancer for almost 5 years and am now completing 2 years of being an employee. Obviously, both vocations offer different set of options. The mental attitude could differ in both of them. However, I have to make my mind believe that the hard-work would not be lowered even if I start my own venture. I, perhaps, will have to work double the amount I do in my job; avoid taking holidays; forget luxury, at least for some time.

However, without this, success won’t be possible because I am not seeking any type of funding, e.g., seed, angel, VC, etc.

I am going to become an entrepreneur solely on my own budget.

I hope that I would succeed.



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