Music Monday

Music MondayWhat is Music Monday?

Music Monday is a creative outfit introduced in Aamchi Mumbai as a fleeting thought in Jason’s mind to encourage people to share their favorite music/songs on the new age social network – Facebook. Today, after one and half years of this idea’s inception, we are a team of four young music enthusiasts (Kaustubhi Kale, Lionel Kinny, Rahul Kanchan and me) called as the MM Crew managing the now popular page –

On Facebook, Music Monday is a strong community of 3300+ music enthusiasts who believe in the power of sharing. The page also has the coolest repository of more than 5000 songs which is been shared keeping in mind the community’s mood. As per the page statistics the age group 18-34 years is the most active set on Music Monday and even the buzziest group on the online/offline web.

The other initiatives, Music Monday as introduced in the past one and half years is MM Backstage and MM Loop. MM Backstage is a media outlet which covers random music events in the country via their twitter profile (, whereas MM Loop is a music sharing project which does Meetups for its FB fans to interact and share their music via pen drive/Bluetooth/CD.

Music Monday has been collaborating with idea makers and unique outfits from time to time to spread the music sharing culture.

Jason Menezes:

As a founder & owner of Music Monday – a creative outfit, Jason is promoting the lost culture of music sharing on the online web. Music Monday was launched as a page ( on a very interactive platform called Facebook in November, 2009 and till date as shared and archived 5000+ songs. He has redefined the culture of music sharing in the new age and used social media very creatively to create awareness around this theme. He strongly promotes integration of the virtual and real world via speaking opportunities at college events making Music Monday a strong case study.

Jason Menezes, a creative mind who has done a million things before landing up on the idea of Music Monday. He has done Bachelors of Arts – Majored in sociology from Mithibai College, got a Diploma degree of Event Management from National Institute of Event Management (NIEM), worked with India’s only certified Hot Air Ballooning Company – Skywaltz and also worked with India’s well known Social Media Marketing companies – WAT Consult (ex company) and Drizzlin (current company).

Connect with him at the following touch points:

Mobile Number: 9820187333



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