CD Review of Another Place and Time by Heidi Anne Breyer

Artist’s Name: Heidi Anne Breyer
Album Name: Another Plance and Time
Total Time: 66:07

It is expected that you pick a good time and good environment when you tune yourself to listen to such a soulful music. However, I was surprised when I played the first song of this album, All Souls Lullaby, sitting in my office, and it had a great impact on my mind. For a fleeting second, it appeared as if the whole world stopped. There certainly is a power in soul’s lullaby, for, it could make you feel as if the whole world has stopped. The subtlety of this piece is amazing.

Another piece follows next. The crisp and clear sounds the violin takes you at a place where you are almost flying. It is like either if you yourself are flying or you are sitting “On His Wings”. The experience is unique and very relaxing. I marvel the pace at which the musicians played their music.

Another Place and Time

“Coversation” and “American Gothic” are again of classic touch. You can listen to them even while you are working. It is like meditative vibrations that are falling on the spectrum of your mind and you are consuming them with unnoticed delight.

“After the last rain” has a freshness in its content. Just like its name goes, the piece brings a new hope to the listener. You feel as if there are newly blossomed flowers spread over the landscape. I was reminded of a song composed by Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma on Santoor in his famous album “Water”.

Let’s go to “Another Place and Time”. This is the title track of the album and is a unique one. It combines various formations of the violin and the piano. Sometimes, you feel that both the instruments are marching somewhere and want you to accompany them, perhaps somewhere unknown.

When you have managed to travel with this music to another place and time, “Winter Light” welcomes you with a warmth that can engulf your being. In the beginning, being a solo-piece on piano, Heidi brings out the best of her in the subtle and gentle pace. Later, as you dive deep into the experience, the flugelhorn declares the winning notes. The combination then takes you to a soulful journey.

Perhaps, right now, you are “In a region of clouds”, where other-worldly and elvish music sways your curls. The guitar and piano take over you completely in this piece. Lovely rendition by all means.

The next piece is really a test. After giving so much colored expressions of music, Heidi tried to throw a different mood. “Off season”, as the name suggest declares a state where the listener is all to himself with nothing to marvel at. The mental state is depicted quite well by Heidi in this piece.

Apart from playing the piano, the vocals rendered by Heidi and Noah Wilding are amazing. The soft voice declares to you “And winter came”. The tonal quality of the voice does give you the feeling of winters. Very nicely done.

“Nobody’s Gold” brings the Cello to you. The deep expressions thrown by this piece mingled with fast-paced steps of the piano are lovely to plug to.

A refreshing guitar delivers your own feelings: “So it was”. As if the listener has returned from the journey to another place and time. It is relaxed and enjoyed the itinerary. Guitar, as it has it, is always a welcomed instrument, and more so if it brings the tidings of your own mental state. I liked this piece just as I liked many pieces from Shambhu Vineberg’s album: “Sacred Love”.

“Chaconne for our world” is a unique piece. Chaconne is a name that comes from the Baroque era of music. The combination of Jill Haley on English Horn and Heidi is so exquisite. The piece delivers the message of a pining heart that has traveled to another place and time, felt the pulsating joy there, and wants to create a similar ambience in this world too. It certainly wants Chaconne for our world. Indeed, one of the best pieces of the album.

True to the name, the album ends with some “awakenings”. The vocals and the instruments join to create a uplifting experience.

Overall, Heidi and the team has delivered excellent experience for a listener and music lover. I have always found it difficult to understand the emotions of a piano but after listening to Heidi’s music, I feel comfortable like I do with other instruments.

I extend my heartiest thanks to Heidi for providing me this opportunity to tune to her wonderful music and share the joy that it creates. Wish her love and peace!

Track Name Duration
All Souls Lullaby


On His Wings




American Gothic


After the Last Rain


Another Place and Time


Winter Light


In a Region of Clouds-Piano


Off Season


And Winter Came


Nobody’s Gold


So It Was


Chaconne For Our World






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