Sanskrit Names for Business

Are you finding Sanskrit names for business? What type of name you want?

Have you decided to get it translated or transliterated, or are you going to name your business with an original Sanskrit word?

This is a major task that you must do before you could go forward.

We have helped to find some good Sanskrit names for businesses for our users and we will be happy to help you get a suitable name for you too.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to know the name of any other company.

Apple ऐपलः
Google गूगलः
BlackBerry ब्लैकबैरी
Microsoft माईक्रोसोफ्टः
Twitter टविटरः
Nokia नोकिया
Samsung सैम्सङ्गः
Motorola मोटरोला
Ford फोर्डः
Volkswagen फाक्सवैगनः
Audi आडी
Maruti मारुति
Suzuki सुजूकी
Honda हाण्डा
Adidas ऐडीडासः
Nike नाईकी
Reebok रीबाकः
LG ऐलजी
Mercedes मर्सीडीजः




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