CD review of Second Chance by Sean Robert Ramuno

Album: Second Chance
Artist: Sean Robert Ramuno
Total Time: 47:36
Release Date: Feb 22, 2000
Label: Searam music

“Refreshing” was the first word that came to my mind when I plugged myself to this amazing collection of songs from “Second Chance” by Sean. Amidst the long retinue of scheduled jobs, monotonous work-lists, and non-creative planning, it gave my mind a release to something tapping and vibrant with energy. I am sure I will benefit myself for many days with these songs.

The album opens with a short song “fear” depicting how a lonely person fears everyone but still expects somebody to come forward and bring forward a friendly smile so needed. In fact, it is the perfect opening for a album where an artist is looking to open its heart to the audience and calls out to them.

The second song “every heartbeat” is lovely and lyrically very beautiful. After the call to be close, this song expresses quite beautifully how the singer feels about somebody who cared to move close. When I first heard this song, I was reminded of my college days when I used to pen some poems impromptu whenever some gush of emotions swept my mind with their raging fury. In fact, I was reminded of this poem when I heard this song–I SEE YE. Poetically, very moving song. (!)

The music-beats in this song are bit faster as compared to the earlier songs. The song takes a complaintive mood where the high hopes seem dashed by somebody very trustful and close to heart. This song reminds you of all the people who you think could have justified the place you saved for them but were not able to actually make it.

Like the name of the next track “crazy love”, the saxophone starts the song in a very peppy mood where the female artist also lends her voice to give a unique blend. The music allows you to tap your feet and come out of the mood that the previous song plunged you into–in fact, these two tracks give a clear look of how life moves on: ebbing and rising in emotions but always hoping for a happy finish!

The album contains variety of emotions that somebody would like to express for somebody very close to heart and valued for the presence.

The album charted at #2 for Billboard; was featured at both the Cannes Music Festival in France and Popkomm Festival in Germany and Sean was a featured artist at both the shows. I am sure when this album was released, lots of people plugged themselves to something new and refreshing.

Some adjectives I would like to use for the complete collection: refreshing, lyrical, poetic, soothing and touching.

There are 13 tracks in the album that gives plenty of time and variation in emotions to the listener. I am sure whoever plugs to “Second Chance” will come up with another desire of the same name put in different words: once again!

Track Name Time
Fear 02:36
Every Heartbeat 03:56
Angel Fallen From Grace 04:04
Crazy Love 03:14
Wanting You More 04:30
Another Victim Of Love 03:48
Wonderful Magic 04:40
Hold On Tight 04:56
One I Waited For 03:32
Am I Good Enough 04:08
Fall In Love Again 03:24
Tired Of Waiting 03:34
All Night Long 03:14



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