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VCherish is the brainchild of Pushpendra Mehta, an alumnus of Northwestern University (USA) and Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai, India. Pushpendra fervently believes that providing an opportunity to “Young Minds” to contribute through data, text, audio, video and pictures will lead to a more holistic, promising and equitable society. Pushpendra’s second book (expected shortly) dedicated to Young Minds is a testimony to his belief that it is this legion that can tomorrow create a truly ‘developed’ world….And what better way than virtual media and e-publishing to capture their “ experiences, opinions, reviews, views, analysis, thoughts, conversations, projects and ideas.” (website of VCherish Media Private Limited) is an “environment friendly” ‘online’ media and ‘electronic’ publishing website that provides a cherished opportunity to “Young Minds” to “Express, Delight, Differentiate, Engage, Enlighten or Inspire” via “Articles, Web/Mobile Videos, Pictures and E-books.”

“VCherish as the word connotes, will concentrate on “important” yet “positive, light, prized, inspirational, engaging, and memorable” articles/stories, pictures and web/mobile videos. There is enough negativity, cynicism and scepticism being disseminated within our ambient society or small world, and the focus of and VCherish Media Pvt. Ltd. is to bring optimism, confidence, smile and cheer on the faces of Young Minds.’s focal categories of significance for Young Minds:

  • Careers & Education
  • Engaging Talk
  • Truly Different
  • People Connect
  • E-Books (Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Short Stories)
  • Recommend

Young Minds & Medium of Communications: We anticipate that Young Minds will connect with “each other and the global young” to create an international media company that truly reflects the opinion of young minds. The primary language of communications will be English and Hindi (with translation, where required), however, relevant content in other domestic and international languages will also be accepted (translated and published), subject to editorial and/or management approval.

The core team (in-house and freelance writers/contributors) at is high on ideas, motivation and growth; replete with energy, passion and exuberance. For further details, you can write to us at:



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