5 Things that Don’t Work in Ubuntu

Differences in Windows and Ubuntu

Though there are lots of differences and dissimilarities in Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu and we have discussed them in our earlier articles, here are five such more things that you won’t find working in Ubuntu but are used to do in Windows.

1. If you use a mouse that has scrolling button on it, you won’t be able to press the middle button and start automatic scrolling just like you can do in Windows for slowly scrolling on a lengthy page. This feature works quite wonderfully in Windows.

2. If you want to shut-down your system working in Ubuntu, you can’t just press Alt+F4 and get the options. In Windows, this is a simple option.

3. When you right click your mouse on the desktop, you won’t get the option of setting a screen-saver. This is present and you can set any type of screen-saver on your desktop. This particular features works well when you want to leave your machine and want to display a custom message to visitors who might come there to meet you between the interval of your return.

4. There is no option of changing the dpi also. However, there is an option where you can change the fonts of your choice and set the size of these fonts.

5. If you want to get some icons on desktop from your “start menu” by right clicking on it and “send it to desktop”, you can’t do it in Ubuntu. If you right click, it will just open the place and won’t give you the options.



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