Marathi Names of Birds

List of Marathi names of birds from English

Here is a list of Marathi names of birds from English.


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Marathi Names of Birds
Marathi Names of Birds
Sparrow चिमणी
Peacock मोर
Cock कोंबडा
Crow कावळा
Crane बगळा
Cuckoo कोकिळा
Eagle गरुड
Parrot पोपट
Swan हंस
Duck बदकं
Owl घुबड



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  1. The english name for ghaar is black kite and it is nt a eagle..whereas dayal is oriental magpie robin,khandya is white throated kingfisher and a falcon is called a sasana and shikra is not a falcon bt a hawk and so is its english name..a drongo or king crow is called as bhujang,asian paradise flycatcher as swargiya nartak,green bee eater is known as veda raghu and a purple sunbird is called jambhla suryapakshi if u want to know any more names u can leave a comment tagged with my name and i will answer ur doubts…

  2. The national bird of nepal is himlayan monal daphne is a local vernacular name.. The marathi name is himlayi kombdi,kombdi indicating its fowl family genus..

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