How to Write Half Consonants in Hindi

Write half letters in Hindi using Mangal

If you are using the Mangal Font for writing Hindi, you might have to learn how to use the half letters that are often used in Hindi writing. It is not that all difficult to make half letters in Mangal font, as it has been provided automatically. You just have to press one key after the letter you want to make half.

When you want to make a half consonant, you need to press that consonant and after that, you have to press the “D” key on your keyword. It will take the “अ” sound of that consonant and will put the “Halant” at its foot. Once you type the next consonant, the consonant previous to it will be converted to half.

The position of these half consonants is beautifully defined in Mangal Font; however, it does not give an aesthetic look while you use it for Sanskrit because in Sanskrit, there is so much of shortening of space while writing letters. So it should be used only for Hindi.



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