19 Similar words in German (Deutsch) and Sanskrit

List of similar words in Sanskrit and German (Deutsch)

Here is a list of 19 similar or common words in Sanskrit and German (Deutsch).

These words have common meaning and somewhat common pronunciation.

Some Recommended books for studying Sanskrit:

Like in my earlier posts, I have provided the English meaning also so as to make sure that the reader understand the context in which the word is being used.

I would like to know if you have some suggestions of feedback and if you would like to contribute by providing some more words.

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German English Sanskrit Transliteration
Attraktion Attraction आकर्षणं Ākarṣaṇaṁ
Sitzen Sit स्थितः Sthitaḥ
Gras Grass घासः Ghāsaḥ
Maus Mouse मूषिकः Mūṣikaḥ
Binden Bind बन्ध् Bandh
Dezimal Decimal दशकः Daśakaḥ
Perfekt Perfect परिपूर्ण Paripūraṇa
Kurve Curve कुटिलः Kuṭilaḥ
Band Bond बन्धः Bandhaḥ
Sohn Son सूनुः Sūnuḥ
Wunsch Wish वाञ्छ् Vāñch
Sinken Sink सद् Sad
Wind Wind वातः Vātaḥ
Kuckuck Cuckoo कोकिलः Kokilaḥ
Joch Yoke युगः Yugaḥ
Mord Murder मर्दन Mardana
Absorption Absorption अवशोषणं Avaśoṣaṇaṁ
Besser Better भद्रतरः Bhadrataraḥ
Witwe Widow विधवा Vidhavā



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