Telugu Names of Colors (Colours)

List of Telugu Names of Colors (Colours)–રંગો

Here is a list of Telugu names of colors (colours). If you would like to know Telugu name of any other color (colour), you can contact us or ask through comment section of this post.

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English Telugu
White తెలుపు
Black నలుపు
Blue వీలము
Yellow పసుపు
Green పచ్చ
Red ఎరుపు
Brown గోధుమరంగు
Purple ఊదారంగు



10 thoughts on “Telugu Names of Colors (Colours)”

  1. Meka Venkata Krishna Prasad

    The Telugu name for the Color – INDIGO is “Neelimandu”
    You mar erefer to Webster’s Online Dictionary
    with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation

    Krishna Prasad
    H/F – (0)96000 61058

  2. m. kavyamohan

    there is no lavendor colour in english but may be you should want to know LAVENDER. It means a “pale purple colour” and VIOLET means “reddish blue”

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