Hindi names of directions

List of Hindi names of directions from English–दिशाएँ

Here is a list of Hindi names of directions from English. If you have any suggestions or feedback to make these tutorials better, we will love to hear from you.

Hindi Names of Directions
Hindi Names of Directions

North उत्तर
East पूर्व
West पश्चिम
South दक्षिण



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  1. jaylaljanghel

    kya rajnikanth sir aap to bade smart hai
    par mujhe ye samjh me nahi aa raha hai
    ke aap rawan ke tarha chasma pahene kar
    daat nekal kar has ku rahe ho
    ayse log mujhe bilkul pasand nahe hai

    com. for may comment

  2. I’m really keen to learn Hindi, and this site is potentially very helpful to me. But, where you give the direct translations, such as with North, South, East, West above, the translated words just appear as little meaningless squiggles in boxes. I’ve tired copying and pasting and changing to a font for viewing Sanskrit or Hindi words, but get nowhere. Can you help? I want to be able to make use of these translations.

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