Hindi names of metals and minerals

List of Hindi names of metals and minerals from English–धातु

We present here the list of the names of metals and minerals in English and Hindi languages.

It’s sometimes difficult to give the Hindi names of metals and minerals that are not commonly found in India but we will try our best.

Here is a list of Hindi names of metals and minerals from English.

If you would like to know the Hindi name of any other metal or mineral, you can contact us through comment section or directly.

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Iron लोहा
Gold सोना
Silver चाँदी
Copper तांबा
Sulphur गन्धक
Zinc जिसत
Bronze कांस्य
Brass पीतल



68 thoughts on “Hindi names of metals and minerals”

  1. Copper- tamba.

    Brass- ‘pital’ @sunnyleone: ye dunia pital di, babby doll me sone di = the world is made up of Brass and shez pure gold..

    Bronze- kaasi. Kaansi ka sikka= bronze coin.

    Lead- ranga/raang. related to lead poisening. Some local made bullets used in ‘desi katta’ (gun) are made up of lead(raang) which cause toxicity, and hence highly fatal, nomatter where it enters.

    Zinc- jasta.

    Magnesium- (teez roshni se jalne waala) dhaatu.

    Sulphur- gandhak. used in gunpowder and explosives.

    1. Well, Ranga is often termed as ‘lead’ only. However, there are some scholarly debates that it is a different metal composition from Lead also. I can’t comment further on whether it is exactly lead or not.

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