Similar words in English and Sanskrit

List of commons words in English and Sanskrit

Here are some of the words that have similar sound and meaning in English and Sanskrit. I have provided a lot more in my previous articles and hope to collect more in the coming days. If you have some other words that I missed, do let me know about it.

Here is the list of some words:

English Sanskrit
Day दिनं
Pod पुटः
Bind बन्ध्
Bar वृ
Tune तानः
Same समः
Voice वाक्
Decimal दशकः
Perfect परिपूर्ण
Clash क्लेश
Curve कुटिलः
Rent ऋण्
Serve सेव्
Bond बन्धः
Chew चर्व्
Son सूनुः
Wish वाञ्छ्
Sink सद्
Wind वातः
Cuckoo कोकिलः
Yoke युगः
Mortal मर्त्यः
Immortal अमर्त्यः
Pollution प्रदूषणं
Murder मर्दन
Praise प्रशंसा



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