Is keeping Mahabharata in house a bad omen

I just finished reading the very first chapter of great epic “Mahabharata”. It was fantastic to read and also to get the Hindi translation of the original Sanskrit text. I came to know about the importance of reading this great epic and also swept away a suspicion in a positive manner. I will like to talk about the false myth in this post.

Right from the childhood, I have noticed that there is not even a single house where you can get the complete copy of this epic. You can find “Srimad Bhagwatageeta” in almost every house apart from “Vidura Neeti” or “Savitri Mahatayma” and some other smaller versions of the individual stories from this epic. The basic thought behind not keeping this epic in houses was that it could lead to chaos in the house. The epic itself deals with a very big war, which actually is symbolic to the fight between good and bad, but people had a general thinking or fear that this epic could lead to a quarrel between family members and therefore it sort of came out to be a banned book.

However, in the very first chapter, they tell about the glory, significance, and grandeur of this epic—they say that there is nothing parallel to it. There is nothing comparable to this epic—as in Hindi, they used to say: whatever is not in Mahabharata, can’t be anywhere else. Meaning that Mahabharata contains everything one would need. I wonder how people missed this great and wonderful epic. There’s a lot to learn from it and understand. It directly deals with the “Leelas of Sri Krishna” and therefore can’t be bad. How can a book be labeled as ominous when it contains “Srimad Bhagwata Geeta” as a small chapter? Just reflect on this thought.

I was sort of fascinated by the facts about Mahabharata and therefore loved any opportunity that could lead me to buy it. The first WordCamp of India gave me this opportunity and I bought Mahabharata from the Railway Station of Old Delhi. I am into my second chapter and is absolutely loving it. Will keep you posted as I read it further.



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