Gujarati Names of Body Parts

List of Gujarati Names of Body Parts–શરીરનાં અંગો

Here is a list of Gujarati names of body parts from English.

If you would like to know Gujarati name of any other body part, you can contact us or ask through comment section of this post. We will love to hear from you if you would like to provide you feedback in making these tutorials more interesting or better.

Gujarati names of Body Parts
Gujarati names of Body Parts
Body શરીર
Head માથું
Face, Mouth મુખ
Hair વાળ
Ear કાન
Eye આંખ
Lip ઓઠ
Nose નાક
Teeth દાંત
Tongue જીભ
Stomach પેટ
Chest છાતી
Back પીઠ
Waist કમર
Hand હાથ
Claw પંજો
Finger આંગળી
Nail નખ
Heart દિલ
Cheek ગાલ



37 thoughts on “Gujarati Names of Body Parts”

  1. Can you post the english phonetic for the above list.

    teeth = daat.

    I can’t read gujarati letters but would like to learn some more words to use in conversation.

    I’m also requesting the following body parts:

    Rectum / Anus
    Blood Vessels
    Arm (not hand)
    Leg (as opposed to foot [pug])

    I’d very much appreciate any help you can offer! Thank you.

  2. Liver- kaleju
    intestine- aatardu
    anusrectum- guda dwar, mal dwar
    arm- baavdu
    blood vessel- nusnas
    brain- magaj
    leg- pag
    knee- gothan
    lungs- fefasa
    hips- nitamb

  3. Ankle- પગની ઘૂંટી
    Beard- દાઢી
    Nostril- નસકોરું
    Palm- હથેળી
    Elbow- કોણી
    Rib- પાંસળી
    Shoulder- ખભો
    Forehead- કપાળ
    Skeleton- હાડપિંજર
    Jaw- જડબું
    Thumb- અંગુઠો
    Joint- સાંધો
    Wrist- કાંડુ

  4. Pl give me names of all fingers…I know some….1. angutho, 2-, 3- , 4 – anamika, 5-tarjani


    hojari (jathar) – stomach
    pancreas – swadupind (not 100%)

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