21 Similar words in Sanskrit and English

21 Similar words in Sanskrit and English

There are lots of words that are common to Sanskrit and English languages. Some of these words match in their pronunciation due to Deutsch influence on English language. Like the ‘d’ letter in German word ‘kind’ will be pronounced as ‘kint’ in English. So, here I present a list of 21 such similar words in Sanskrit and English. If you would like to comment or provide feedback about this compilation, you are welcome to contact us or enter your words through comment section.

Mix मिश्र
Mixed मिश्रितः
Mixer मिश्रकः
Mixture मिश्रणं
Man मनुः
Interior आन्तरः
Interim अन्तरं
Minister मन्त्री
Character चारित्रं
Name नाम
Nose नसा
Foot पदं
Date तिथिः
Sixty षष्ठिः
Chariot चक्रयानं
Vehicle वाहनं
Circle चक्रं
Cycle चक्रं
Centre केन्द्रं
Cent शतं
Divine दिव्यः



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