Hindi Names of Colors

Hindi Names of Colors–रङ्गों के नाम

Here is a list of Hindi names of colors (colours). If you would like to know Hindi name of any other color (colour), you can contact us or ask through comment section of this post.

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Red लाल
Green हरा
Blue नीला
Black काला
White श्वेत
Brown भूरा, कत्थई
Yellow पीला
Orange संतरी



44 thoughts on “Hindi Names of Colors”

  1. i want the all the colour names in hindi, with there examples.
    like : black:kala:crow
    pls, i if u can get me names of colours in hindi then it will be very greatful to you.
    it is request to you.
    i will be wating for your reply.

  2. @nisha
    Red–Laal–Tomato, raddish
    Blue–Neelaa–sea water
    Black–Kaalaa–Crow, cuckoo
    White–Shvet(t is soft)–cow
    Brown–Bhooraa, Kathai–Senegal Caucal’s wings, brown eyes, etc.
    Yellow–Peelaa–turmeric, banana
    Orange–Santree (t is soft)–orange, sun

  3. pradeep kumar shukla

    dear sir/mam
    please tell me the colour stainer name in hindi like N. FAST RED, N FAST BLUE,N FAST GREEN,N FAST VOILET, TURKEY AMBER

  4. can u please tell me the sanskrit word for some colours .
    Like :
    1. Grey
    2. Purple
    3. Maroon
    4. Brown
    5. Voilet
    6. Navy Blue
    7. Peacock Green
    8. Silver
    9. Golden
    10. Bronze
    11. Rust

    Please do reply …………………

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