Thoughts on Mahabharata

Thoughts on Mahabharata

As I have already updated you that I bought Mahabharata in complete text with Sanskrit and its Hindi translation, I will like to mention that now I will be able to give you inputs about this wonderful literary work in English.

The text of Mahabharata is vast and extensive and it might take a whole life to read it through and through. However, now that I have it in my possession, I can try my bit.

Right from my childhood, I have watches a serial on television and have heard its stories from various sources. I have also read its stories being mentioned in various books and articles. Apart from that, it is also noticeable that Bhagvad Gita and Vidura Neeti—two very popular works of Indian culture—form a part of this bigger source.

I will be delighted to share my thoughts on this work as I read it along. Here is one very beautiful song that I will like to share with you from the serial Mahabharata that was telecast on television when I was a child. Hope you will enjoy it.

This is a beautiful song for the pining of individual soul to get married to the Universal Soul. I love the songs of this word and of course the presentation of the singer and the music-director.



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