Similar Letter in Sanskrit and English–structure

Similar Letter in Sanskrit and English–structure

We are back to discuss about the similarity of Sanskrit and English languages. Till now, we have discussed that the ‘y’ or ‘u’ of English are quite similar in structure of ‘य’ of Sanskrit and ‘p’ is the mirror image of ‘प’ or vice-versa.

We are now here to discuss another letter that is quite similar in construction and sound in Sanskrit and English.

I will ask you to consider the structure of ‘R’ of English. If you take the corresponding letter in Sanskrit, it comes out to be ‘र’. Now if you compare the structure of both of these letters, you will notice that there is an additional standing bar before the ‘र’ of Sanskrit and it makes almost similar letter to the ‘R’ of English.

I am presenting a pictorial view of this topic so that we can understand it more clearly.

Similar Letter in Sanskrit and English

There are lots of similarities between Sanskrit and English and lots of research is being done in this matter. However, our only motive is to contribute to that ongoing work and discuss with our readers what they feel about these topics.



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