15 Similar Words in Sanskrit and English

15 Similar Words in Sanskrit and English

There are lots of words that are common to Sanskrit and English languages. Some of these words match in their pronunciation due to Deutsch influence on English language. Like the ‘d’ letter in German word ‘kind’ will be pronounced as ‘kint’ in English. So, here I present a list of 15 such similar words in Sanskrit and English.

List of Similar words in Sanskrit and English

New नवः
Tooth दन्तः
Mouth मुखं
Eye अक्षि
Mid मध्यः
Medium मध्यमः
Utter उच्चर्
Tree तरूः
Three त्रि
Six षष्
Seven सप्तन्
Eight अष्टन्
Nine नवन्
It एतद्
Right ऋतं



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