Sanskrit Names of Week Days

Sanskrit Names of Week Days–(वासराः)

The Sanskrit names of week days in EnglishSanskrit are given below in a list.

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Sanskrit Names of Days of the Week
Sanskrit Names of Days of the Week
English Sanskrit Transliteration
Monday इन्दुवासरः Induvāsaraḥ
Tuesday भौमवासरः Bhaumavāsaraḥ
Wednesday सौम्यवासरः Saumyavāsaraḥ
Thursday गुरुवासरः Guruvāsaraḥ
Friday शुक्रवासरः Śukravāsaraḥ
Saturday शनिवासरः Śanivāsaraḥ
Sunday भानुवासरः Bhānuvāsaraḥ



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