Sanskrit Names of Months

Sanskrit Names of Months–(मासाः)

The Sanskrit names of time periods in EnglishSanskrit are given below in a list.

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English Sanskrit Transliteration
March/April चैत्रः Chaitraḥ
April/May वैशाखः Vaiśākhaḥ
May/June ज्येष्ठः Jyeṣṭhaḥ
June/July आषाढः Āṣāḍhaḥ
July/August श्रावणः Śrāvaṇaḥ
August/September भाद्रपदः Bhādrapadaḥ
September/October आश्विनः Āśvinaḥ
October/November कार्तिकः Kārtikaḥ
November/December मार्गशीर्षः Mārgaśīrṣaḥ
December/January पौषः Pauṣaḥ
January/February माघः Māghaḥ
February/March फाल्गुनः Phālgunaḥ



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