What is 2012

What is 2012

Well, a lot has been going on about his impending disaster and the end of the world. There are lots of speculations, guesses, mal-hopes and other perceptions that in 2012, the world is gonna see its end. There has been lot of talk about it–some movies are also coming out on this topic.

But what is 2012? Why are we so much panicked about it and how do we know that it is gonna end this way?

This is a major question as to how we know that the world is gonna end. There are lots of points that we need to discuss about this and I hope that after reading this article, you will like to share your own story.

1. I would like to give the first place on this disaster awaiting list to global warming. A lot has been said about this issue and there are tons of articles coming out every day–the hard and factual truth is that it is happening. There is no denial about the fact that climate change is happening and we are gonna face the consequences of it. Its impact has been seen on flora, fauna and also on human babies. Natural resources are looking to gun the earth down. No denial that this could prove to be the major factor if 2012 is gonna happen in the way we perceive.

2. The second could be the financial crunch. There has been lots of companies going down in the last 6 months and the share markets of almost all the countries have been ditching the investors regularly. You can’t be sure of anything and can trust almost nobody. With the going down of companies, lots of people are left without secured jobs and they could feel threat to their career. Not to wonder that this could prove to be the threat to their lives.

3. The third would be the tension between different countries due to multiple issues. Almost the whole world is facing the heat of terrorism and other issues which generate tremendous mutual misunderstanding between countries.

4. The fourth one could be given to the natural disasters, which have the potency of wiping the whole population. The earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes are the few of them that could pose a great danger to the earth.

5. The moral disintegration of society–as we call it the Iron Age, the character of people is on general decline. People do not trust even their family members and the moral values are on upside-down decline. There is nothing in the society that can assure the next generation that it is going to survive. This actually poses the worst form of 2012.

Will 2012 happen or is it already happening

There is a big discussion as to what would happen in 2012. Let us coin a new term “2012 happened”. I asked this question from some of my friends who were facing a lot of problems in life: they termed it likewise–“2012 happened”. 2012 is already happening with individual people and almost everybody in the present time is feeling that they do not know what they want. There is no direction or clear goal–there is a general wait for future as to what might happen.

Spiritual Revolution in 2012

Now I would discuss something very interesting and assuring though it won’t appear all agreeable or even realistic. But I am writing with my own conviction and I do not want to force believing in it if you deem that ‘impossible can’t happen’!

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is within us and among us physically. He has promised a spiritual revolution that would has been unseen in this world before and they would sweep the whole world into a new dimension. This would mark the beginning of a new ear often termed as ‘the Golden Age’. Sai Baba has assured that this golden age is impending and nothing can put barriers in it. His mission on earth is bound ot fructify and there is no need to doubt this.

2012 could be the year when we would be able to see the general orientation of the whole humanity towards spiritual values and moral living. This could also prove to be the end of rivalries and other international frictions.

However, it takes maximum torture at the end–the pot breaks only when there is maximum pressure inside. We can see this pressure in finite form and it could take a bit of giant form as we move closer to 2012.

Let’s wait and pray that we might contribute in a best possible way to bring about the change called ‘the Golden Age’ and play our part to our best potential.

We are passengers of love; will meet in 2013…:)



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