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How To re In Se-telegu

How to say I want in Telugu

The expression ‘I wantconveys our need. See how this can be expressed in different ways in Telugu. Expression Translation in Telugu

How to say I miss you in Telugu

Language is the most potential medium to reach out others with our love. By telling someone ‘I miss you’, we indicate them

How to say I know in Telugu

The expression I know is used not only for saying that we know about something, but also to say that it happened

How to say I ate in Telugu

It is a usual practice to ask ‘Did you have your food?'. This is answered differently across different languages. Let us see

How to say I am fine in Telugu

Each language expresses things differently. One’s personal wellness is beautifully expressed in Telugu in different ways: Expression Translation in Telugu Transliteration I

How to re ke a Se-telegu

In English, re ka re 'Ke' na ', ho bontša re le teng. This simple expression can be conveyed in Telugu in a few ways. …

I Love You in Telugu

How to say I love you in Telugu

‘I love youis a very popular expression used across geographies and cultures to express one’s love to his or her lover. …