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Com dir a Telugu

How to say I want in Telugu

The expression ‘I wantconveys our need. See how this can be expressed in different ways in Telugu. Expression Translation in Telugu

Com dir que entenc en telugu

Si vostè vol dir vostè entén alguna cosa, you can express it in different ways in Telugu. Let us look into some

How to say I miss you in Telugu

Language is the most potential medium to reach out others with our love. By telling someone ‘I miss you’, we indicate them

Com dir que conec a telugu

L'expressió que sé no s'utilitza només per dir que sabem sobre alguna cosa, but also to say that it happened

Com dir que estic bé en telugu

Cada idioma expressa coses de manera diferent. One’s personal wellness is beautifully expressed in Telugu in different ways: Expression Translation in Telugu Transliteration I

Com dir que estic en telugu

In English, diem "Jo sóc", per indicar la nostra presència. This simple expression can be conveyed in Telugu in a few ways. …

I Love You in Telugu

How to say I love you in Telugu

‘I love youis a very popular expression used across geographies and cultures to express one’s love to his or her lover. …