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Como a dizer em Tamil

How to say I want in Tamil

‘I wantcan be expressed differently in Tamil stating the degree of its necessity. See how this can be said in three

How to say I miss you in Tamil

‘I miss youis an expression that conveys to someone that we value them and their presence. It says they mean to

How to say I know in Tamil

People make use of the expression ‘I know thisto say that they are already aware of something. It is also used

Como dizer que estou em Tamil

When some one asks ‘Did you have your food?, we might answer differently in Tamil. Let us look into some variations in

Como dizer eu sinto muito em Tamil

Muitas vezes, em qualquer linguagem, a expressão, 'Estou bem’ é a frase de abertura que define o ritmo para uma conversa. In Tamil, this

Como dizer que estou em Tamil

How to say I am in Tamil A particuar expression is usually differently expressed across languages. Nesse caso, more than the

I Love You in Telugu

How to say I love in Tamil

Romantic life is quite interesting to all humans. Across cultures, there are different ways of expressing love. It is quite interesting to