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How to say I want in Tamil

‘I wantcan be expressed differently in Tamil stating the degree of its necessity. See how this can be said in three

How to say I miss you in Tamil

‘I miss youis an expression that conveys to someone that we value them and their presence. It says they mean to

How to say I know in Tamil

People make use of the expression ‘I know thisto say that they are already aware of something. It is also used

How to say I am in Tamil

When some one asks ‘Did you have your food?, we might answer differently in Tamil. Let us look into some variations in

How to say I am sorry in Tamil

Often in any language, the expression, ‘I am fineis the opening sentence that sets pace for a conversation. In Tamil, this

How to say I am in Tamil

How to say I am in Tamil A particuar expression is usually differently expressed across languages. In this case, more than the

I Love You in Telugu

How to say I love in Tamil

Romantic life is quite interesting to all humans. Across cultures, there are different ways of expressing love. It is quite interesting to