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Jak mówią w sanskrycie

What is book called in Sanskrit

While learning how to say book in Sanskrit, you can also come across the word शास्त्रं, which is actually used for a

Czym jest sztuka zwana w sanskrycie

Sztuka ma wiele znaczeń–to umiejętności, jest to sprawność, i często określane jako "magii". To nie jest po prostu wykonywanie rysunków, szkice, …

Czym jest jutro zwany w sanskrycie

Jutro jest ważnym pojęciem–Ludzki umysł jest zawsze martwi się o jutro. Ludzie z mądrości od wieków zostały podkreślając, że zamiast …

What is wood called in Sanskrit

While learning what is wood called in Sanskrit, make sure you understand that we are talking about the substance wood that we

What is zero called in Sanskrit

Zero is believed to be discovered in India. It has a very significant place in spirituality, as it represents the ultimate nothingness–the …

What is husband called in Sanskrit

Dobrze, for married people, this should be really interesting. What is a husband called in Sanskrit? Definitely, there would be many names

What is father called in Sanskrit

While looking for various Sanskrit names for the word ‘father’, I was stunned to find that the Hindi and Punjabi name for

What is banana called in Sanskrit

Banana is a common fruit found almost everywhere in the world. Recently, I visited Sri Lanka. Though banana is usually yellow in

What is rose called in Sanskrit

Whenever there is a mention of rose’s name in different languages, the famous lines of Sir William Shakespeare flash in mind: What’s

What is waterfall called in Sanskrit

It is always interesting to know different names and meanings of a particular object in Sanskrit. Częstokroć, it is revealing and related

How to say sorry in Sanskrit

How to say sorry in Sanskrit

Sanskrit is a beautiful language and if you can use it for common and day-to-day conversation, it sounds so amazing. To begin