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Kiel diri en Sanskrita

Kio estas arto nomita en sánscrito

Arto havas multajn signifojn–estas lerteco, ĝi estas lerteco, kaj ofte nomita kiel 'magia'. Ĝi ne simple farante desegnoj, skizoj, …

Kio nulo nomita en sánscrito

Nulo kredas esti malkovrita en Barato. Ĝi havas tre gravan lokon en spiriteco, kiel ĝi reprezentas la finfinan nenieco–la …

What is banana called in Sanskrit

Banana is a common fruit found almost everywhere in the world. Recently, I visited Sri Lanka. Though banana is usually yellow in

What is rose called in Sanskrit

Whenever there is a mention of rose’s name in different languages, the famous lines of Sir William Shakespeare flash in mind: What’s

What is waterfall called in Sanskrit

It is always interesting to know different names and meanings of a particular object in Sanskrit. Oftentimes, it is revealing and related

How to say sorry in Sanskrit

How to say sorry in Sanskrit

Sanskrit is a beautiful language and if you can use it for common and day-to-day conversation, it sounds so amazing. To begin